Infant- Maternal Program prioritized in Southern Camagüey

The Infant- Maternal Program constitutes a priority for the health sector in Santa Cruz del Sur, and several actions are being carried out so as to improve the outcomes achieved so far.Some 30 women, out of the over 300 pregnancies present obstetrical risk, and many of them are under 19 years old.

In this sense, doubling efforts in order to avoid pregnancy in adolescence is the first premise, which is why educative chats are being given at schools, while the subject covers a major space in the media.

Improving the service quality and achieving the people’s satisfaction is also a goal for those people working in the health sector in this territory. And as part of this work, a special follow up to the Infant- Maternal Program has been included. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)