Simon Bolivar’s Remembrance Campaign in Cuba

Havana, Dec 13. -The Universities of Havana and Santa Clara will reopen the Simon Bolivar departments, as part of Tuesday's activities on the occasion of the 181st anniversary of the physical disappearance of the South American independence fighter.The campaign, organized by the Venezuelan embassy in this capital, begins today and runs until December 17, date in which Simon Bolivar was killed.

Ambassador Edgardo Antonio Ramirez will give a lecture on Bolivar's thoughts and internationalist action at the Central University of Santa Clara on December 15, and at the University of Havana on December 16.

The campaign will be a pretext for the launching of books at the Havana-based Casa de las Americas of "Manuela Saenz, pasado, presente y futuro" (Manuela Saenz, past, present and future), "Eloy Alfaro, Memoria Insurgente" (Eloy Alfaro, Insurgent Memory), and Chavez, Evo y Correa: tres bolivarianos hablan del Che" (Chavez, Evo and Correa: Three Bolivarian Leaders Talk about Che). (Prensa Latina)