Haiti Resumes Education Campaign Supported by Cuba and Venezuela

Haiti Resumes Education Campaign Supported by Cuba and VenezuelaPort au Prince, Oct 6. – The Haitian government resumed the literacy campaign in the North, Northeast, West, South and Southeast provinces with the educational method "Yo, si puedo" (Yes, I can), supported by Cuba and Venezuela.

The authorities expect that 240, 000 people in these provinces will benefit from the program, which involved 150 Cuban supervisors, facilitators and 15 technicians.

To achieve this purpose, the Haitian government set up more than 9, 000 schools in the territories chosen to implement the project in the next 22 months.

Cuba also assists the local executive with visual tools while Venezuela has the financial support, about five million dollars.

Since the beginning of educational cooperation in Haiti 10 years ago, the Cuban teachers have been taught to read and write to more than 160 thousand illiterate with the method "Yo, si puedo."

The reopening of the campaign coincides with the start of school year in Haiti, nine months after the quake that caused more than 220 people dead, 1.5 million people homeless and damaged the infrastructure collapsed in the capital and three other cities.

Classes officially began on Monday in all state schools.(Prensa Latina)