Handover in Guatemala to Be Held at Domo Polideportivo

Guatemala, Nov 28. -President-elect, Otto Perez Molina, announced that the change of power in Guatemala will take place at the Domo Polideportaivo of the capital as the stage of, on January 14. Perez Molina said they preferred that facility because of its greater capacity for attendees, 7,500. The Domo Polideportivo was built to host the FIFA Futsal World Cup in 2000.

The future president confirmed this after a meeting at the campaign headquarters of the Patriotic Party with the President of the Central American Parliament, Manolo Pichardo, with whom he exchanged views on regional economic integration.

Pérez Molina also reiterated the need to develop a common strategy to address the insecurity in the Central American countries, especially in terms of organized crime and drug trafficking, as reported today media.

According to Prensa Libre newspaper, the former general also agreed not to influence to benefit those retired or active military subject to criminal justice.

These statements refer to a controversial bill introduced in Congress to prevent the prosecution of military, which finds widespread rejection in society by the impunity which would lead if approved  (Prensa Latina)