Cuba: Digital Forum for the Cuban Five Antiterrorists

Cuba: Digital Forum for the Cuban Five AntiterroristsHavana, Oct 5. -The Cuban Jurists National Union called for an Interactive Forums for the Release of the Cuban Five aimed at claiming for justice for the fighters imprisoned in US.

In October 6 the world voices will get together demanding the release of Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González and Antonio Guerrero victims of a violating legal process and with a political character, assured the institution.

The initiative expects to ask US president Barack Obama, who is empowered to withdraw charges against the Cuban Five, sign the freedom of the Cuban Five antiterrorists.

The virtual space called by the Cuban lawyers will analyze issues related to the legal framework of the case, irregularities of the process and violations against the right of culprits and their families.

The electronic debate will be also targeted to: Cuba, victim of terrorist actions and its necessity to defend itself.

The Cuban Five as they are well known by the international campaign for their release are serving long sentences for putting Cuba on alert of terrorist plans hatched in Florida against the Island. (Prensa Latina)