Idleb: Syrian Forces Capture Terrorist Group

Damascus, Nov 18. -Syrian security forces captured 57 armed men, wanted for terrorism, in the southern province of Idleb, and seized a large cache of arms and state-of-the-art communication equipment, local media reported on Friday.Reports note that a stronghold of an armed group was dismantled after a carefully coordinated operation by Syrian soldiers was carried out in Kafr Roma town, west of Maart al-Noman.

Leaders from Maart al-Noman denied the information released on Thursday by Saudi Al-Arabiya television station, affirming that a police headquarters and the seat of al-Baath Party had been attacked.

The officials told local media that the information was false and was part of harassment campaigns carried out by international television to distort reality.

On the other hand, security forces defeated an armed group that tried to attack a military checkpoint from a van in Kansafra.

A member of the army was injured and three terrorists were killed.

In Homs, military forces arrested eight of the most dangerous terrorists, who were accused of murder, and seized the vehicles they used to carry out their vandalistic actions near al-Sina'a. (Prensa Latina)