Cuba with Open Library for poetess Fina García Marruz

Havana, 1ro may.-The Jose Marti National Library of Cuba (BNCJM) dedicated its Open Library area to pay tribute to poetess Fina Garcia Marruz, recognized as an essential voice on Cuba´s literature.

The place opened its doors the day before with words written by the director of the BNCJM, Omar Valiño, while intellectual Rafael Acosta de Arriba read and commented on a poem of Fina (1923-2022), in tribute to her centennial.

A panel devoted to the analysis and study of the life and work of the poet and essayist was held at the institution’s Hart Theater, with the participation of scholars Araceli Garcia Carranza, Roberto Mendez, Jesus David Curbelo and Rafael Acosta de Arriba as main panelists.

On the same day, the exhibition “Fina” was inaugurated at the Jose Marti National Library of Cuba. It consists of museum objects and bibliographic material belonging to the institution such as photos and letters of the writer with Cintio Vitier, her husband, .

The exhibition was orgnized by Carlos Valenciaga, specialist in Cuban collections, and Amarilys Maura Gutiérrez, a technician in fairs and exhibitions.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)