Santa Cruz del Sur with René and the Five

Condemnation of many people world wide immediately came up when it was announced that Five Cuban antiterrorist fighters were unjustly held in U.S prisons. Now this demand gets new viewpoints, René González, one of the Five, finishes his sentence today.About the arbitrary nature of the American justice César Monteagudo Yero, member of the Association of the Cuban Combatants said:

“This is just another tall story that does not surprise us because it comes from the number one enemy of humankind; it is unfair to add another sentence to some fellowmen who were unjustly put to jail. This can only be seen in the United States.”

“I think this just strengthens more the conscience of the Cuban Five, this enlarges our fighting spirit and prove the world they are men determined to defend their country.”

Ignacio Salazar Hernández, with vast experience in the fishing field, weather-beaten by the sun and salt residue, rejects such atrocity on behalf of that sector in Southern Camaguey.

“This is an unprecedented situation; this has not ever been seen before. We never thought a government was going to be so impertinent, and to be capable of imposing such sanction, especially to someone who has served 13 years in prison, to a man that has stood with such an extraordinary courage, worthy of admiration.”

Only the international support, the incessant struggle to give the world the absolute truth about the case of our antiterrorist fighters will make possible the dream longed for the Cubans and the certitude of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro: OUR FIVE HEROES WILL COME BACK (Rolando Canaura Sánchez/ Radio Santa Cruz)