Book on Alicia Alonso to Be Launched in Cuba

Book on Alicia Alonso to Be Launched in CubaHavana, Jul 2. -The essay "Una luz distinta y más alta," (A Different, Higher Light) by Cuban author Juan Marinello, dedicated to Alicia Alonso, will be launched on July 7 at the Juan Marinello Center, in Havana.

First published in an autonomous edition by Cuba´s Juan Marinello Cultural Research Institute, this work is considered of extraordinary value for ballet-loving people and the prima ballerina assoluta´s followers.

Written in 1972 for Granma newspaper, on occasion of Alonso´s success as a ballerina and choreographer at the Paris Opera, the essay was later reproduced by Cuba en el Ballet magazine.

The new edition by Anette Jimenez Marata is based on the typed original, revised and with hand-written indications by the author himself.

The design and selection of illustrations was made by Ricardo Reymena, based on the work Cancion para la Extrana Flor (Song to an Odd Flower) by Cuban painter Mariano Rodriguez, a piece inspired by Alicia Alonso now included in the Collection of Cuba´s National Museum of Dance. (Prensa Latina)