Chileans to Hold Plebiscite on Education

Santiago de Chile, Oct 7. -President of the Confederation of Copper Workers Cristian Cuevas highlighted the historical relevance of the plebiscite on education to be held from Friday to Saturday around the country.The plebiscite represents a great democratic expression organized by labor and social organizations, Cuevas told Prensa Latina on Friday.

The plebiscite is the first national referendum since the end of dictatorship, and will include all people older than 14 years, said Cuevas, also president of the Confederation of Chilean Workers (CUT).

The CUT expects the government and political forces will understand the country should move towards a binding plebiscite after the first referendum, Cuevas added.

According to Cuevas, the government of President Sabastian Piñera tries not to legitimize the social movement for education, and also to criminalize it. (Prensa Latina)