Cuba Wins 1st Prize of Ibero-American Museums and Education

Havana, Oct 11. -Cuba won the 1st Prize of Ibero-American Museums and Education 2011 through the Rainbow Routes Project of Havana's Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage.Those routes make up the Program of Heritage and Environment and were designed from 2006 to provide sweeping environmental education through the 18 museums managed by Havana's Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage.

Sharing the second Ibermuseo Program Award are the projects of Jorge Oteiza Foundation Museum of Navarra, Spain, and the Museum of Modern Arts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Argentina's National Historic Museum de la estancia Jesuítica de Alta Gracia-Casa del Virrey Liniers in Cordoba, and Red de Museos de los Pueblos of Olavarria Municipality in Buenos Aires share the Third Prize.

Cuba won the 2010 first edition Third Prize with its Project Rutas y Andares para Descubrir en Familia, from the Office of Havana's Historian.

The Ibermuseo Program Awards were created at the First Ibero-American Museum Conference held June 2007 in Salvador De Bahia, Brazil, reminds Granma daily.

Among its top goals, the paper mentions educational practices promoting development of individual, social, institutional and professional coherence and integration of Ibero-American Museology, and promoting protection, management and exchange of know-how and expertise. (Prensa Latina)