Cuba to Reorganize Sugar Sector

Havana, Sep 29. -Cuban President, Raul Castro, described the process carried out to restructure the sugar sector as a great reorganization work, reports noted on Thursday.According to Granma newspaper, the president noted this proves that actions have a positive result once they are previously studied and well thought as every step taken is corrected.

A report on this issue was presented last Saturday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the newspaper underlined.

The president highlighted that although Cuba has been working on the sugar sector issue for nearly three years, the sixth Congress of Cuba's Communist Party (PCC) passed economic guidelines aimed at strengthening the restructuring process in this sphere and change its structures.

The Council of Ministers learned that, after some studies were carried out in this sector, the Ministry of Sugar will disappear given that it currently has not any state function, so the Sugar Agribusiness Group will be created instead.

President Raul Castro recalled that it can not be forgotten that the sugar sector drew together one of the most revolutionary working-class forces when Cuba was ruled by capitalism. (Prensa Latina)