Cuba Awaits Strong Condemnation to US Blockade

Caracas, Oct 15. -Cuba is awaiting the international community once again pronounces against the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the US government against the Caribbean island for more than 50 years, declared Cuban Ambassador to Caracas Rogelio Polanco.The Cuban diplomat told Prensa Latina that the authorities of Cuba will present a resolution on the negative consequences of the blockade to Cuba, for the consecutive 20th time, before the United Nations Organization’s General Assembly.

“We expect an overwhelming vote by most of the international community, and that the US remains isolated,” Polanco said on Friday in statements to PL.

Polanco denounced the negative of Washington to lift the blockade despite the intense and growing demands in the world, and that the measure is a unilateral aggression and a permanent threatening against his country’s stability.

The direct economic damage to Cuba is now over the 975 billion dollars, besides the imposition of sanctions and prosecution of citizens, institutions and third countries´ citizens, just because they have had links with Cuba.

Polanco also talked to denounce the long penal sentences against the Cuban Five, for preventing Cuba from terrorist actions from Florida.

One of the Cuban Five, Rene Gonzalez, went out of prison on October 7, but he should remain in US national territory for three more years, he pointed. (Prensa Latina)