AIDS Vaccine with Satisfactory Preliminary Results

Washington, Sep 29. -A new vaccine against HIV, in clinical trial, has demonstrated efficacy and immunity to the virus in 90 percent of the volunteers, says a study published in the journal Vaccine and Journal of Virology.Of Spanish origin, the vaccine has been applied in 30 healthy volunteers, and soon will be tested among people infected with HIV receiving anti-retroviral therapy whose viral load is undetectable, experts of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and hospital Gregorio Maranon of Madrid say.

The idea is to check not only security but also to determine whether the vaccine produces response to pathogens in these individuals once they have been removed from therapy, experts said.

The compound opens new prospects in a field that has so far not achieved the desired response. The development of a vaccine remains a complex, complicated and urgent issue.

Only prevention is the most effective weapon to prevent the spread of an infection that currently affects over 33 million people in the world. (Prensa Latina)