Guatemala: 8th Int’l Book Fair Kicks Off

Guatemala, Jul 14. -Beginning Thursday, the 8th International Book Fair opens in the capital with the slogan Citizenship, Letter by Letter.The 10-day fair will run through July 24 at Parque de la Industria, with exhibitions and sales by domestic and foreign publishing houses.

Among the attractions are 18 writers from different countries and events for all ages, such as those related to citizenship and the upcoming September elections, and workshops, film, and panel discussions.

Gabriel Pilona, director of Editores de Guatemala union, said the purpose was to build, promote, encourage and develop interest in reading and culture through more than 250 cultural events, including music, painting and dance.

Culture and Sports Minister Hector Escobar said that beyond book sales and launches, the Fair will help expand the number of readers in Guatemala. (Prensa Latina)