German Solidarity Groups Demand End of EU Common Stand

Berlin, Oct 15. -The German Network of Solidarity with Cuba (Netzwerk Cuba) has demanded again the abolition of the so-called European Unionâ�Ös "Common Stand" towards Cuba.

In a statement during its General Assembly in Erfurt, the alliance, made up of over 40 groups of solidarity, described the document drafted in 1996 by the then Spanish government of Jose Maria Aznar as "a main obstacle to consolidate normal relations between the EU and Cuba."

When it comes to improving relations with Cuba, normalizing them or changing the Common Stand, right-wing forces and those under the influence of the US Administration always try to prevent it, the declaration says.

Members of the solidarity movement reject "the provocations and media disinformation campaigns, which contribute to intensify the anti-Cuban spirit and continue the Cold War."

Under the controversial document, "the EU demands Cuba to change its social system towards capitalism and open up to capitalist exploitation," which is unacceptable, as it would mean giving up sovereignty.

"We consider that the EU members must intervene and urge the United States, their partner, to put an end to the inhuman blockade against Cuba, in violation of international law," says the document.

According to participants in the General Assembly, "the German movement of solidarity with Cuba will apply pressure for these demands to be met."  (Prensa Latina)