Cuban Artist Highlights Fidel’s Words to Intellectuals

Cuban Artist Highlights Fidel's Words to IntellectualsHavana, Jul 2. -The validity of Fidel Castro´s historic speech, "Words to the Intellectuals," illustrates the sharpness of his ideas, said Cuban artist Alexis Leyva, known as Kcho.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Kcho said that the situation that prompted that speech 50 years ago, on June 30, 1961, is very much talked about, but everything expressed in that speech is now a reality.

"Our own path towards promoting national culture was structured thanks to concepts put forward in those words," he asserted.

Kcho said that the proclamation of that historical phrase: "Within the Revolution, everything; outside the Revolution, nothing," set forth the socialist nature of Cuban society.

"Half a century later, we are aware that we have to continue our path towards the future, facing very real dangers, but we are lucky to have Fidel Castro guiding us and marching alongside us everyday, in the tasks we have ahead," the award-winning artist said. (Prensa Latina)