Bolivia-Argentina Gas Pipeline in Final Opening Stage

Bolivia-Argentina Gas Pipeline in Final Opening StageLa Paz, Jun 25. -Bolivia and Argentina are giving final touches to preparations to start operation at the Juana Azurduy Integration Gas Pipeline (GIJA), which will allow increasing gas exports to Argentina, announced official sources on Friday.

Vice president of Operations and transport of Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), Ramon Navas, said both sides are now coordinating technical and administrative aspects after carrying out airtightness tests.

The construction of that new pipeline, to be inaugurated on June 30, is part of bilateral agreements reached in March this year, when presidents Evo Morales and Cristina Fernandez signed the natural gas export contract under which Bolivia should supply over 27 million cubic meters of gas daily to Argentina by 2026.

The Juana Azurduy gas pipeline will supply natural gas from Campo Grande to Madrejones, in Bolivia, to Campo Duran, in Argentina. (Prensa Latina)