Cuban Media Reports Hugo Chavez Interview with Telesur

Cuban Media Reports Hugo Chavez Interview with TelesurHavana, Jun 13. -The Cuban media on Monday reported a message sent by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to his people, informing them of his successful surgery in Havana and his good state of health.

"I am receiving the best treatment here. Fidel himself told me I should rest. Fidel and Raul are aware of every detail," Chavez said in a telephone interview with Telesur, according to a note published by Granma newspaper and reported by Radio Rebelde and Radio Reloj.

Fortunately, Cuba has one of the worldâ�Ös most advanced healthcare systems, so I fell ill in a good place," Chavez said.

"Yesterday was difficult for me, the first day after surgery. In fact I stood up and had to return to my bed because I was dizzy, but today I spent more than one hour out of bed," he said.

In providing details of his convalescence, he said, "I was lucky the pelvic abscess did not produce an infection. Fortunately, biopsies have been done and there are no signs of malignancy."

He stressed that his return would depend on his evolution, because "It is a sensitive procedure and there is no need to rush. I am of sound mind; if I were to feel that my faculties were too diminished to stay in office, I myself would decide to ask to be replaced."

Chavez thanked the Venezuelan people for their support, and called on them to conserve energy and to be alert to sabotage, "because there are unpatriotic sectors of the extreme right who would be willing to do anything."

He also highlighted expressions of affection from the Cuban people.

Chavez ordered his foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro, who was being interviewed on the air by journalist Patricia Villegas in a Telesur studio, to go forward with all social programs underway in Venezuela.

"Nothing should stop; on the contrary, let us step up our pace," he said.

The Venezuelan head of state said he spoke several times on Sunday with his vice president, Elias Jaua, and announced he had enacted a law on government debt, to be published in the Monday edition of the official gazette.

"Everything needs to be stepped up: all of the missions, housing, agriculture, national production, health care, education and family services," he stressed. "For those who say I should leave the presidency, they would have to work very hard to achieve that," he said  (Prensa Latina)