Cuban Ballet School Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Havana, Apr 6. – Prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso chaired the gala that the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) gave to the school she founded half a century ago with Fernando and Alberto Alonso.

Students, teachers and dance lovers gathered at the Great Theater of Havana on Thursday to celebrate the tenacious work of the National Ballet School, which has become cultural heritage of the Cuban people.

With eloquent words, BNC prima ballerina Yanela Piñera congratulated the school headed by Ramona de Zaa, and expressed pride because she was trained at that world-renowned school.

On behalf of the school, teacher Mirtha Hermida highlighted how the Cuban school has become a paradigmatic standard that distinguishes it from other schools, styles and geographic latitudes.

With the parade of a group of students from the 50th graduation, the National Ballet of Cuba offered the comedy-ballet The Magic Flute, Alonso's choreography based on Lev Ivanov's original.

For five decades, the National Ballet School has graduated thousands of students from different parts of the country, regardless of their origin, prioritizing talent as the main value.(Prensa Latina)