Cuba: a Main Destination for Russian Tourists

Moscow, Dec 20. -Cuba has hit record figures as a favorite destination for Russian tourists, with nearly 72,000 visitors so far this year, according to Cuban tourism officials in Moscow.At least 71,849 Russian tourists have visited Cuba this year, 139.96 percent over 2010 and 208.71 percent over 2009, the head of the Cuban Tourism Office for Russia and East Europe, Estefania Escobar, told Prensa Latina.

She mentioned Varadero, Havana, Holguin and Ciego de Avila as favorite destinations in Cuba.

According to global figures, Cuba hit a record high number of tourist arrivals this year with 2.53 million visitors, matching figures in 2010, though 18 days earlier.

The Russian tourists love Cuba's beaches and climate, but they also value its history and culture, hospitality and safety. (Prensa Latina)