Puerto Rican People´s Struggle Highlighted in Cuba

Puerto Rican People´s Struggle Highlighted in CubaHavana, Jun 2. -Puerto Rico is still fighting to break the bonds of domination imposed by colonialism for over 500 years, stated a university professor from that island nation, Julio Murientes.

Puerto Rico is a nation subjugated to colonialism, and in 518 years, that became a relationship of domination, always controlled by others who prevent the Puerto Rican people from obtaining sovereignty to decide for themselves, Murientes said.

In a lecture at the ALBA Cultural Center, the Puerto Rican professor also said his nation was turned into one big, modernized factory and all the wealth produced was taken out of the country by foreign owners of capital.

An unemployment rate of 16 percent is one of the main problems Puerto Rico is facing now, he said.

The immigration problem is another topic of concern, because there are more Puerto Ricans living in the United States (four million) than in their own country (3.8 million).

The Puerto Rican professor highlighted the permanent solidarity of Cuba with his country, as well as the social struggles of his people, such as the one by university students, to break the chains of the domination. (Prensa Latina)