More Than 1.6 Million Cubans Voted in Runoff

More Than 1.6 Million Cubans Voted in Runoff  Havana, May 3. -Over 1.6 million Cubans turned out to voted in the Sunday electoral runoff to elect delegates to municipal assemblies (local governments). The results are considered excellent by government authorities.

The Vice President of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Ruben Perez said that like a week ago everything went on smoothly as expected and in five provinces of the country the turnout went beyond 91 percent.

According to Granma newspaper, the final results will be announced on Monday evening so the public knows who are the the 2,121 delegates still pending from last April 25's vote.

Perez said the NEC has already finished the vote count from the 5,900 polling stations in 166 municipalities where the runoff was required to define the winners. A second electoral round was slated in constituencies in which none of the candidates obtained a clear majority.

A second runoff will be organized in case it's needed, the NEC official indicated.(Prensa Latina)