Libya: Under Western Military, Media Seige

Libya: Under Western Military, Media SeigeTripoli, May 19. -Pro-Gaddafi forces clashed Thursday with armed rebels, backed by NATO air raids, in different areas of the country, while the government denied reports of desertions by officials and relatives of the Libyan leader.

Gadaffi's supporters claimed to control strategic territories in the western highlands after intensifying their counteroffensive against opposition militias that attempted to establish another rebel stronghold near Yafrin and Zintan.

While Tripoli's armed forces dominate most of the western territories, the rebels are trying to reinforce their side with links to Berber tribes and prevent pro-Gadaffi forces from taking over the Nafusa Mountains.

Accordign to contradictory reports from regional television networks, government forces attacked a road in the Nafusa Mountains area to cut off the flow of goods and military supplies from Tunisia to rebels through the so-called Wazen border crossing.

Along with civilians seeking refuge in Tunisia, rebel groups have established bases there, leading Tunisia to carry out occasional military air raids, but without firing shots. (Prensa Latina)