Cuban Gov’t Denounces Slander Campaign

Havana, May 10. -The Cuban government denounced the latest slander campaign orchestrated against the Revolution, this time over the death of Wilfredo Soto Garcia, 46, in the central province of Santa Clara.

Counterrevolutionary elements unscrupulously fabricated the lie that Soto Garciaâ�Ös death was the result of an alleged beating by police, Cuba's nightly TV news program reported on Monday.

That fallacy was amplified by the imperialist media, mainly in Europe and the United States, where some government spokespeople have even expressed alleged concern about the incident, the text stated.

Soto Garcia was admitted to Arnaldo Milian Hospital in Santa Clara with intensive abdominal pain caused by acute pancreatitis, and was later diagnosed with decompensation from other underlying diseases.

The note said that the pathological tests performed on the victim showed a natural death and established multifactorial shock as a preliminary cause with multiple organ failure, and no signs of internal or external violence were observed.

Soto Garcia had several criminal convictions such as disturbing the peace, robbery, and serious injuries, for which he served two years in prison.

In recent times, Soto Garcia was linked to counterrevolutionary elements, who utilized him for their provocative activities.

The most recent of these actions occurred on May 5 in a Santa Clara park with disturbance of the peace, and he was taken to a police station and released three hours later without any incident.

External and internal enemies are determined to distort Cuba's reality and undermine the Revolutionâ�Ös international prestige and moral strength, the note stated. (Prensa Latina)