[:es]Cuba Presents at Unesco Achievements Made Despite U.S. Blockade[:]

[:es]Paris, Nov 2.- During the 39th UNESCO General Conference,this Wednesday, Cuba presents the progress made in education, science, culture and communication, despite United States blockade it has been suffering.

This was stated to Prensa Latina by Elba Rosa Pérez, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), who heads the Cuban delegation that participates in the event.

According to Pérez, in the various sessions and forums of the conference Cuba will show the achievements made with much effort in Unesco’s fields, despite the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

Perez said that Cuba has an active participation in the 39th Conference, which began on Monday and will run until November 14th with the presence of all 195 member States.

The program of the event includes the presentation of Unesco Award Carlos J. Finlay for Microbiology, established in 1977 following an initiative fostered by Cuba.

According to Perez, more than 45 specialists presented their nomination for the award, named after Finlay, a Cuban scientist that made highly significant contributions as the discovery of the vector which transmits the yellow fever, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Another important activity was the presentation of ‘Tarea Vida’ (Life Task) a Cuban State Plan to handle climate change.

She said that this important program was presented to a wide audience of ambassadors, but also to representatives of organizations that described it as an excellent initiative and expressed their willingness to support the country in this regard.

The Cuban delegation also includes other representatives from CITMA, deputy Ministers of Education and Higher Education, the Cuban Commission of UNESCO and the Cuban permanent mission to this organization of the United Nations.

The agenda also includes bilateral meetings with UNESCO authorities, participation in numerous forums and exchanges with participants from other countries, which, according to Perez, will allow the Cuban delegation to present their achievements and also learn from others. (PL) [:]