Messages Demand Obama to Free Cuban Five

Washington, Jan 5. -Sending an e-mail, fax or making a phone call to the U.S. President Barack Obama will be the new way to demand on Thursday the release of the five Cubans unjustly held in that country.From any corner of the planet, send a message to Obama to demand him to immediately free Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio and Fernando and allows Rene to return to Cuba back to his wife and daughters, according to the International Committee to Free the Five, as they are known worldwide.

President Obama knows that the Five are innocent as he has been told by intellectuals, religious people, union members, students, actors and artists , lawmakers, Nobel prize winners and thousands of honest people all over the worlds, the appeal notes.

He can and must end 13 years of injustice so that Washington can regain the respect of the international community, who waits that its humanitarian action allows the immediate return of the Five to Cuba, the Committee's communiqué underlines.

We invite you to begin 2012 with a simple collective action for the Cuban Five that will be much more effective if we carry it out on the fifth day of the month and from every part of the world, the communiqué says.

Worldwide, there are committees to free the Five and groups supporting the cause of Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and that closely follow the situation of Rene Gonzalez during his three-year probation. (Prensa Latina)