Communist Congress Analyzes Domestic Issues

Communist Congress Analyzes Domestic IssuesHavana, Apr 18. -The delegates to the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) met in commissions to discuss domestic issues and adopt draft agreements to be discussed during the event.

Full Text of Raul Castro's Central Report to PCC Congress
Aspects of the tax system, health and education, tourism and social policy were the focus of debates on Sunday.

Emphasizing the development of regional tourism was one of the most important proposals made by Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes, who is a delegate to the congress. His proposal was based on information received during his tours of the nation.

The objective is to expand possibilities for tourism using potential that exists in diverse areas of the country, a proposal supported by Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero, also a delegate to the congress.

Another commission tackled the need to modernize the production of salt and proposals from the population to meet needs for speedier repair of electrical appliances.

The commission on social proposals analyzed problems related to the health and education systems, emphasizing the need to identify them in their places of origin in order to undertake solutions more rapidly.

The No. 2 commission backed the proposal to set the taxes for people authorized to rent their houses at a rate in line with the characteristics of the territory where they are located.

All decisions adopted in commissions that met on Sunday, and which supported the Central Report presented by the second secretary of the Central Committee, Raul Castro, will be put to the consideration of the party plenum on Monday. (Prensa Latina)