Mexico: UNESCO Conference Calls for Rethinking Development

Mexico: UNESCO Conference Calls for Rethinking DevelopmentMexico City, Aug 16 .- Starting Tuesday, the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) is hosting the conference Rethinking Development: Ethics and Social Inclusion.

The event, in collaboration with the secretariats of Public Education and Foreign Affairs, will examine urgent global challenges for sustainability and equality.

Participants will also discuss how ethics can influence discussions on development, among other issues.

According to organizers, as the 2015 deadline for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals gets closer, it is time to review the concept of development and whether or not this can be attained for all without destroying the planet.

For two days, some 25 international and national experts will analyze their viewpoints on those matters, beyond purely economic approaches attendees have so far highlighted. (Prensa Latina)