Ecuador: Manuela Espejo Mission Starts in Napo Province

Ecuador: Manuela Espejo Mission Starts in Napo ProvinceQuito, Apr 15. -The second phase of the "Manuela Espejo" Solidarity Mission started in the Ecuadorian Amazonian province of Napo in order to provide technical assistance to people with different types of disabilities.

At least 3,487 implements for technical assistance, 201 houses for critical cases and 300 "Joaquin Gallegos Lara" certificates, guaranteeing a basic salary to people who look after the disabled, are expected to be handed over in Napo since this Thursday.

In year 2009, doctors and specialists of the Mission identified 2,062 people with disabilities in the province, and until May 5th the brigades will tour again Archidona, Quijos, El Chaco, Arosemena. Tola and Tena municipalities.

At least 34 Napo residents are expected to be examined and receive their devices to improve their hearing in the Audiological Center of the Hospital in Tena.

A Technical Worshop on Disabilities was held in Tena as a first activity to get in touch with the work to be carried out by medical brigades in Napo, with General Secretary of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, Armando Cazar, saying that the cases that were not identified during the first phase (of diagnosis) will be included in the second. (Prensa Latina)