Cuba to Celebrate 50 Years of Electroacoustic Music

Cuba to Celebrate 50 Years of Electroacoustic MusicHavana, Mar 1. -Beginning April 27, the newest generation of Cuban electroacoustic music will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first piece composed in the island by Juan Blanco, a national pioneer of this genre.

Exponents of this genre such as DJ Ivan Lejardi, who combines techno, deep house and trip hop, and musicians from different trends, such as jazz musician Yasek Manzano and rocker Ernesto Blanco, will open the first day of series of tributes that runs until mid-March 2012.

Renowned new artists such as Luz de Cuba, Emilio Peña Leyva and Javier Esteban Alberti are expected to attend the concert at the Nacional Theater.

They will display their talent in this genre, accompanied by the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of the Guillermo Tomas Conservatory.

The show, entitled "Contrastes," will combine music with other artistic expressions, such as graphic design, the visual arts and audiovisuals.

Organizers said this will be a mixture of electronic music with the most contemporary art, an evocation of Havana evocation in its different aspects. (Prensa Latina)