Cuba Urges USA to Rectify Acquittal of Terrorist

Cuba Urges USA to Rectify Acquittal of TerroristHavana, Apr 11. -Cuba on Sunday called upon the U.S. government to rectify the acquittal of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles on charges of immigration fraud in an El Paso, Texas court, after a trial described as a farce.

Washington is familiar with Posada Carrilesâ�Ö participation in the mid-flight explosion of a Cuban airliner in 1976 off the coasts of Barbados, in bomb attacks on Havana tourist facilities in the 1990s, and in plans to assassinate the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, according to a statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The trial of the former CIA agent on immigration charges instead of terrorism is an insult to the Cuban people and the bereaved families of the victims of this self-confessed terrorist.

The note termed shameful what occurred in El Paso, as it contradicts the anti-terrorist policy the U.S. government claims to have, using it as a pretext for military intervention in other nations that has cost thousands of lives.

And it asks if the U.S. government will be capable of putting Posada on trial again, but this time for terrorism, or extraditing him to Venezuela, a country that has made that request for the last five years.

The United Stats is legally obliged to extradite the terrorist because it is a signatory to international conventions, and by virtue of UN Security Council resolution 1373/2001, the statement says.

What is most ironic is that while Posada Carriles is exonerated, five Cuban antiterrorists are currently serving unjust sentences in U.S. prisons for gathering information about actions by Cuban-born terrorists who, such as Posada Carriles, freely walk the streets of Miami with impunity, the statement said. (Prensa Latina)