UN Actions in Libya, Tunez, Egypt Announced

UN Actions in Libya, Tunez, Egypt AnnouncedUnited Nations, Mar 13. -The United Nations will develop a strong activity in North Africa next week, with direct actions in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, confirmed the organization''s secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

The first action will be executed by the former Jordanian foreign minister and newly appointed UN special envoy to Libya Abdelilah Al Khatib, who arrived in Tripoli earlier this week to hold contacts with the government of Muammar Qaddafi.

The diplomat met on Friday in New York with Ki-moon, who stressed the priority given to the implementation of a ceasefire in Libya and the provision of humanitarian assistance.

Violence must end and the aid must reach those in need, said the UN's executive, who also called for working towards a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict.

Ki-moon explained that Al Khatib will be accompanied by a group of experts on humanitarian assistance and human rights to assess the situation in these areas and specialists in the department of political affairs of the organization.

Another purpose of the mission is to initiate consultations with the Libyan authorities on political and security issues and transmit the government the UN concern about the crisis, based on the recent resolution of the Security Council.

That document demanded the inmediate end to violence in Libya, called for progress on resolving the demands of its people and ordered a series of sanctions against Iran and several of its leaders. (Prensa Latina)