Cuban Jurists Debate Current National Issues

Cuban Jurists Debate Current National Issues Havana, Feb 20. – The role of jurists in updating the country''s economic model is on the table at the 7th Congress of the National Association of Cuban Lawyers, taking place in this capital as of Monday.

Delegates will also analyze issues such as the strengthening of institutionality, ethical behavior of jurists and their professional and ideological development, members of the organizing committee stated at a news conference held at the headquarters of that prestigious institution.

The congress, to conclude on Tuesday, is being held at the Pedagogical Conference Center in Cojimar, east of Havana, and the closing ceremony will take place at Havanaâ�Ös Conference Center.

Today's agenda includes a speech by Division General Leonardo Andollo, and a panel about the current situation and goals of the judicial sector by top officials from General Attorney's Office of the Republic and Cuba's People's Supreme Court, among other figures.

One of the commissions will debate the report of the National Council, including issues such as the contribution of lawyers to people's judicial culture and the computerization of the the sector.

Also on the list is a statement in which participants in the congress will demand the return of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who have been serving harsh sentences in U.S. prisons since 1998, the source stated.

Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez informed on terrorist plans by anti-Cuba groups in South Florida.

On October 7, Rene Gonzalez was released on probation and the decision of a judge in Miami has forced him to spend three years of "supervised release" in the United States after completing his sentence.

Such situation puts his life at risk and is an additional punishment for him and his relatives, his defense lawyer said.(Prensa Latina)