Military in Egypt Will Not Nominate Presidential Candidate

Military in Egypt Will Not Nominate Presidential Candidate Cairo, Feb 18. – The Egyptian Military Council said it does not pretend to nominate any candidate for the presidential elections to replace Hosni Mubarak, a reassuring announcement when the country will celebrate on Friday "the victory''s day".

Spokesmen for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, body to which Mubarak handed over the power on February 11 forced by 18 days of protests, said there will not be any presidential candidate from the military ranks in the next elections.

The statement made to the media in Cairo was taken as a good sign by members of the political opposition and the popular movement that forced Mubarak to resign, who ruled this Arab nation for nearly 30 years.

The decision of the Supreme Council dissipated, at least for now, concerns about a possible political continuity in Egypt, as the Army and its main leaders are considered followers of the ousted president.

Military sources explained that the Army can not propose a member of its ranks to the presidency because it would first have to resign from the duties as the interim governing body in the country.

Senior leaders cited by local media added that the armed forces will keep their word of returning the power to a government headed by a civilian and elected by the people in a fair election.

Meanwhile, the interim government approved the salary increase of 15 percent for public employees, following a decision to that effect announced by the cabinet days before Mubarak's resignation.

On the other hand, different social and political movements are preparing for a morning star mobilization of several million people, in "the victory's day" and celebrate the first week of the country without Mubarak in three decades.

The march will take place in several cities and will coincide with protests and strikes by labor groups.(Prensa Latina)