Venezuela: Socialist Party Grows before Elections

Venezuela: Socialist Party Grows before ElectionsCaracas, Jun 11. -The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on Friday is concluding its registration of new members, amidst political confrontations leading up to the September legislative elections.

Around 700 registration sites were opened in Venezuela during this registration period, the third such process since the PSUV was founded in 2007.

In parallel with this, the political organization also carried out a fund-raising drive, collecting more than seven million bolivars ($2 million).

The socialists hope to win at least two thirds of the National Assembly's 165 seats and hold onto the majority, which will allow them to deepen the transformations that began taking place more than a decade ago; the opposition intends to use the Assembly to stop those changes. The September 26 elections will therefore be decisive. (Prensa Latina)