Hundreds of Unknown Works by Picasso in France

Hundreds of Unknown Works by Picasso in FranceParis, Nov. 30. -The story behind the discovery of 271 unknown works by Picasso has unfolded like a fable, involving a retired French electrician who was trying to obtain benefits.

The news was published Monday in the French newspaper Liberation, and describes the events involving Pierre Le Guennec, the retired electrician, and Claude Picasso, the son of the farmed artist, charged with managing the painterâ�Ös legacy.

According to the daily, the collection dates from the 1920s and could be worth over 60 million euros. It includes nine cubist collages, a watercolor from his celebrated blue period, and 200 drawings and models for some of his most important works.

Le Guennec, who said he received the paintings as gifts during his work at various residences of Picasso on the French Blue Coast, attempted to obtain certificates of authenticity from the painterâ�Ös family.

Claude Picasso, 63, the late painter's son, who represents the artist's heirs and estate, told the French newspaper that the discovery came after Le Guennec had sent him letters in January this year enclosing dozens of grainy photographs of various works, asking for certificates of authenticity.

Dismissing them as reproductions because they did not appear in any catalogue or inventory of the artist's known work, Claude Picasso refused Le Guennec's requests.

On September 9th of this year, the elderly Pierre Le Guennec accompanied by his wife, arrived at the office of Claude Picasso carrying 175 previously unknown works by Picasso.

The heir filed a report with the police, who confiscated the works and are continuing their investigation. Meanwhile, Le Guennec holds they were gifts from Picasso and his wife Jacqueline, while the younger Picasso refuses to believe it. (Prensa Latina)