Venezuelan Communists Praise Fidel Castro’s Peace Initiative

Venezuelan Communists Praise Fidel Castro''s Peace Initiative Caracas, Aug 12. – Carolas Wimmer, Secretary for International Relations of the Communist Party of Venezuela, highlighted the importance of the call made by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro for the preservation of world peace, faced with the risk of a nuclear war.

"The call made by Fidel has a lot of sense and value, because there must be pressure in the entire planet to overcome the threat coming form the US and Israel," said Wimmer in statements to Prensa Latina Wednesday.

Wimmer said the efforts by Fidel Castro are timely, as are his warnings on the aggressiveness of Washington in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula.

In a message read Saturday to the Cuban National Assembly, Fidel Castro urged US President Barack Obama to avoid a nuclear war that would have devastating consequences.

Wimmer highlighted the importance of the message by Fidel Castro and the international mobilization to persuade Obama and those with political and economic power in the US.(Prensa Latina)