Washington Conference Backs Cuba’s Rights

Havana, Dec 3. – The Washington Conference against the US allusion of Cuba as nation that sponsors terrorism was a success and succeeded in bringing together renown academics in defense of the Caribbean nation.

 "It was important that academic and civil society sectors with certain voice and influence on the US political system said at the same time that it is an unjust measure," said Carlos Alzugaray, a professor at the University of Havana.

In a phone conversation with Prensa Latina from the venue of the event, Alzugaray, who is also political scientist specialized in in the US, said that the seminar allowed establishing dialogue and discussing the topic at the center of US power.

"We all agreed that there is no reason to keep Cuba on the list of nations that sponsor terrorism, because the first thing to discuss is Washington's right to make a list of alleged terrorist states, stressed Alzugaray.

The non-governmental organizations Latin America Working Group and The Center for International Policy sponsored the pro-Cuba meeting on Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

The US Government has arbitrarily included Cuba in the controversial list since 1982, by request of then Secretary of State Alexander Haig and by a certified resolution of President Ronald Reagan.(Prensa Latina)