Cuban university hosts Caribbean programming contest

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 8.- The Caribbean Final of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) opens on Thursday at the Universidad de Oriente, with the participation of 27 teams from 11 Cuban higher education institutions.


Of the 10 previous editions of this contest held in Cuba, nine have taken place at the Havana-based University of Computer Sciences and the other at the Central University in Las Villas, in Villa Clara province.

Santiago de Cuba is thus preparing to be a worthy host and guarantee the best conditions to the young competitors at the event, which will take place simultaneously at the headquarters of the Mother and Teacher Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

As the first decade of the ICPC in Cuba is celebrated this 2019, Cubans also congratulate themselves on winning in eight of these contests. Dominican participants have only won in two such events.

The winners will qualify for the 44th World Finals ICPC to be held in Moscow next year, with the presence of delegations from the five continents, under the auspices of JetBrains software development company and other entities from several countries.

The competitive sessions will take place through Saturday, and the results will be announced in the afternoon, and streamed live online. (Latin Press)