[:es]Students in Santa Cruz del Sur celebrate their holiday facing new challenges[:]

[:es]Sidewalks and streets still wet from the early morning dew fill up with short, fast and punctual steps. Neat uniforms identify teaching levels they belong to. Students with responsible spirit are the ones from Santa Cruz del Sur.

These Fidels from now and future know how to face school challenges . They will be science men and women in the teaching profession, the medicine, agriculture, factories, workshops, building and every productive task to develop the economic and social model in Cuba.

They laugh to this wonderful present because they are unconditional to the continuous progress of educational teaching process, they also firmly shake hands with the near future commited with the Revolution they love.

Backpacks on shoulders. Knowledge weight is never heavy. Workbooks, books, already done assignments and review of contents have always a space joining another esential thing: to be a patriot.

Morning meetings at schools will be festivities full of joy to celebrate this Friday, November 17th, Student´s International Day.

Each poem will be a flag, and the word expressed will be strength. Good challenges will become millions in every school of the Largest of the Antilles. (Translated by Yaima Báez)  [masterslider id=”219″][:]