[:es]Camagüey opens the high season of tourism with services renewed[:]


Camaguey, Nov 18.- The extra-hotel facilities, and support to the so-called leisure industry and entertainment in Camagüey, are ready for the high season of tourism with a renewal in the infrastructure and services, it foresees an increase of 15% in the arrival of visitors, according to estimates.

In a press conference, Sergio Ferreiro Cabrera, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the province, highlighted the rapid recovery after the passage of hurricane Irma along the north shore, which enabled in just 20 days the reopening of operations in the main spa of the territory.

It is a priority of the work focused on the management of the quality to ensure market in the future, that in Playa Santa Lucia has primacy in visitors from Canada, while in the city of Camagüey, the United States contributes the largest number of guests, despite the constraints of the current administration of Donald Trump.

Julio del Toro Orozco, delegate of the Cubanacán Hotel group in the territory, pointed out that the tourism operation from November to April has support in marketing with airlines and travel agencies of the major emitting countries, such as Canada and Italy.

During the winter season facing Camagüey satisfactorily, special activities will be carried out in the festive days of the end of the year, with attractive offers, and remain at the stage of tourism added values to meet customer requirements. (Juan Mendoza Medina/Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Photo: CUBADEBATE)[:]