[:es]Leaders of the Popular Power see progress of the recovery in Esmeralda[:]

[:es]Camagüey, Nov 17.- Members of the Council of the Provincial Administration of Ciego de Ávila, along with the presidents of the municipal assemblies of People’s Power in this territory, appreciated this,the progress of the recovery in the municipality of Esmeralda, after the devastating hurricane Irma just over two months ago.

Accompanied by Mrs Isabel González Cárdenas, president of the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power (APPP) in Camagüey, and vice president of the Council for the Defense of the same level, and by her counterpart Delfina Rodríguez Santana, Esmeralda, visitors toured the community New Moscow, where the Camagüey´s Sugar Company leads the construction of 166 housing units.

There, Melba García González, in front of the contingent Eliseo Acosta which is constructive, explained the system will work for the organization and follow up of the work, the actions for the obtaining of the tables in Las Palmas, the efficient use of resources and emphasized in the new concept of the bathroom of masonry in those houses as a means of protection for families and their property from future meteorological events.

In the community of Los Reynaldos, the citizens of Ciego de Ávila learned about the construction of housing using the technique known as rubbish, whose main element is the foundation stone of a nearby quarry, and exchanged with Niurvis Nápoles, one of the teachers affected of the town, which already enjoys a new home.

Similarly visited the ice plant in charge of Ariel Escalona, own-account worker who did not hesitate to give free of charge that product in the first days after the hurricane, and thanks to the support of the Council of the Provincial Administration in Camagüey, was approved as a local development project that will be taxed to the contribution of one percent.

The administrative leaders of Ciego de Avila appreciated, in addition, the tasks that take place in the old rooming houses of the People’s Council in Brazil, where it builds a 100 comfortable apartments, built on the basis of the work of all organizations and Camagüey´s entities together delegates of Popular Power and members of Parliament.

The presence of Ciego de Avila´s leaders of the Popular Power this Wednesday in the town of Esmeralda joins similar moments that have taken place recently with the assistance of important officials of the country, as an expression of the program of recovery of the housing stock that takes place in the village has become a national reference for pride of Camagüey´s inhabitants. (Yamyle Fernandez Rodriguez/ APPP Camagüey) (Photo: APPP)[:]