Russia wanted a peaceful solution with Ukraine, Putin asserts

Moscow, Mar.- Russia thought that the conflictive situation with Ukraine could have been resolved peacefully and tried to avoid confrontation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said this Sonday.
In statements to Rossiya 1 television channel, Putin stressed that, although many believe that the special military operation could have been launched in 2014, the reality is different, as many regional and global situations have changed since then.

‘We do have a lot to do, let’s say, for the development of ground forces, but in 2014 we did not have hypersonic weapons and now we do. We don’t actually use them, but they’re there, do you understand that? There are other modern systems and there was nothing like that in 2014,’ he explained.

In addition, Putin noted that ‘in Russia we did a lot in terms of import substitution, in critically important areas of the country’s life’.

‘We strengthened our financial system. Despite the enemy’s expectations, nothing collapsed and everything is working. The Mir card is working, the financial system is working, banks are increasing their capacities. What would have happened in 2014? It is very difficult to say,’ he concluded.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)