In Santa Cruz del Sur a preparatory seminar for the 2019-2020 academic year

Santa Cruz del Sur, June 20 .- In this final stage of the school year, as is traditional, the organizational and methodological bases for September school are affirmed. For that reason between Tuesday and Wednesday of the current week the preparatory seminar of the directors of the more than 60 schools of the locality was realized.

Once again at the Playa Bonita Marine Exploration Center, located in the community of La Playa, officials of the management structure of the Ministry of Education (MINED), here, accompanied the heads of operation in the schools of the levels of the first childhood, primary, secondary, pre-university, professional, adult and special.

On the sale of school uniforms as of the first ten of the month of next August, there was a dialogue. The initial sales of these garments will be aimed at preschool students, fifth, seventh, tenth and first year of polytechnic.

For the rest of the grades the sale of the uniform will be carried out progressively at the beginning of the third decade of the eighth month of the year.

Those attending the meeting received technical guidance on how to maintain and keep the facilities and furniture in good condition. They were given, in addition, the precise indications on the support of the workers of education and the family of the disciples in the recovery of the texts of each level, that therefore require it.

In short, it was specified, the materials destined to each school will be distributed by zones. Attendees at the meeting discussed issues of symbolic warfare and the defense of national identity, the use of new technologies, work with Marti’s work, among others.(Translated by Jesus Mazorra / Radio Santa Cruz)

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