Cuban contributions in the fight against Covid-19 praised

Havana, May 21 .- Cuba’s health authorities praised on Wednesday the noteworthy contributions both in the treatment of patients and in the comprehensive governmental plan of action in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


On the daily press briefing, the Director of Epidemiology Francisco Duran noted actions such as the immediate admission of Covid-19 cases to hospitals to treat them applying the approved protocols and prevent the spread.

In addition to that, he added, the search for all contacts and suspected of having the disease and their immediate admission to isolation centers also allows cutting off the chain of new infections.

‘This does not occur in other countries, where even many Covid-19 patients stay home without treatment and their contacts are maintained in the community,’ he emphasized.

On Duran’s opinion, another contribution is the active search for Covid-19 symptoms across the national territory, with the participation of healthcare personnel, Medicine students and the support of innovative tools such as the virtual self-searcher app, which has facilitated early detection Covid-19 symptoms, which allows taking actions on due time.

Thirdly, he mentioned population studies carried out in various communities with the application of diagnostic methods such as real-time PCR, which has found out three new cases lately.

The epidemiologist also referred to the approved treatment for Covid-19 patients including different domestically produced medicines such as Interferon alfa-2B, CIGB-258 and Sulfacen, among others.

According to Duran, another important action has been the application of preventive treatments in population risk groups such as older adults, with products such as Biomodulin T and Prevengho-vir, aimed at raising the immune system of people so that they respond better in case of catching the disease.

Finally, he highlighted the follow-up conducted on recoveries to detect possible Covid-19 aftermaths.

So far, Cuba reports 1,900 cases, of this figure over 80 percent are recoveries and 79 deaths. (Prensa Latina)