Collaborators from Cuba make blood donation in Jamaica

Kingston, Jul 27.-Collaborators and members of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Jamaica consolidate solidarity with the people of the Caribbean nation today, by donating blood in support of the response against Covid-19.


According to sources from the Cuban embassy in Kingston, some 40 members of the state headquarters and health aid workers staged a voluntary donation to reinforce the fight against the pandemic and in the context of the 67th anniversary of the Day of the National rebellion in Cuba.

The Cuban spirit of solidarity was present in the National Blood Bank of the Jamaican capital, as well as in the towns of Falmouth (Trelawny parish), Port María (St. Mary), St. Ann Bay (St. Ann), Mandvelli (Manchester) , Savanna la Mar (Westmoreland) and Montego Bay (St. James).

Upon leaving the donation room, Dr. José Armando Arronte, chief of the Cuban Medical Brigade on this Caribbean island, reiterated the willingness of health professionals to reach the most remote corners of the world with their humanistic work.

The Cuban coordinator ratified the commitment of health professionals to save lives, despite the US campaign to discredit the international collaboration of the largest of the Antilles.

Through a message on Twitter, the Cuban ambassador on Jamaican soil, Inés Fors, highlighted the altruistic gesture of the brigade members, whom she described as brave by offering their services amid the global effort against Covid-19.

So far, Jamaica reports 831 confirmed cases with the novel Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus disease, of which 711 patients are already recovered with only 10 deaths.

As a complement to the confrontation with the pandemic, more than 430 Cuban health workers provide care in the four regions and 14 parishes in the Jamaican geography.

At the end of June, the Cuban health contingent saved 823 lives and made 48,251 consultations with 56,396 nursing procedures.

The Cuban medical brigade in Jamaica is made up of 143 doctors, 234 graduates in nursing, six pathologists, 18 technologists, 10 electro medical engineers and management personnel. (Prensa Latina)