China to provide financial resources to a food project in Cuba

Havana, Dec 26.-  The Chinese Government announced in this capital that it will contribute nearly 500,000 dollars to the Gibara Verde x Ciento project, Local Food, Innovation and Resilience in Cuba.
The financing is directed to this reference plan presented by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Food Program (WFP), and the Cuban Government. The “Supporting local solutions towards a more resilient and sustainable food system in Cuba” initiative becomes the first intervention here between IFAD and WFP, which were present at the official event held at the Valentin Quinta Avenida Hotel.

This takes place in the town of Gibara, a rural, coastal, and tourist territory with the risks and opportunities that this location represents for the food and nutritional security of its people.The project is of interest to all parties, it is a model of local food supply to social protection networks, made up of schools, daycare centers and Family Care Systems (popular kitchens).

Gibara Verde x Ciento, Local Food, Innovation and Resilience will support the management of peasant organizations and the design of business plans. It contemplates analyses, reduction of vulnerabilities, risks of local food production in the face of drought, and the flow of communication within the early warning system.

The project contains sustainable models of small-scale livestock production and seeks to promote exchange with similar experiences in other countries in the region and China, using the WFP Centers of Excellence. Present in the presentation of the plan were the economic and commercial adviser of the Chinese Embassy, Zhou Quan; Francisco Pichon, of the United Nations System, and representatives of IFAD and WFP.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)