China congratulates new Cuban prime minister

Beijing, Dec 23.-Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang congratulated his newly elected Cuban counterpart, Manuel Marrero, on Sunday and proposed to take advantage of the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations to strengthen them and give greater impetus to cooperation efforts.


In his congratulatory message, the Chinese leader recalled the traditional friendship that unites the two countries and stressed that it is based on mutual respect, understanding and support for their respective national development processes.

After expressing his willingness to work with Marrero, Li proposed to take the opportunity of six decades of diplomatic ties in 2020 to expand high-level exchanges and deepen practical cooperation in various areas for the benefit of both peoples.

Manuel Marrero was elected this Saturday by the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba (Parliament) as Prime Minister and thus became Head of Government for the next five years.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel proposed him as provided by the Constitution proclaimed in April, and stressed his performance leading the Ministry of Tourism, as well as his honesty and dedication.

Cuba has not had a prime minister in 42 years, after the post was held by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, from February 1959 until the constitutional reform of December 1976.

Among his functions, Marrero is responsible for reporting and informing Parliament and the President of the Republic of his administration and that of the Council of Ministers. In addition, he has the power to call and chair the sessions of the Cabinet or its Executive Committee. (Prensa Latina)