Clinical trial on Cuba’s vaccine candidate is on track

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 21.- With the information to the volunteers who received the placebos and the inoculation of the first dose of the vaccine candidate Abdala, this clinical trial is currently taking place in this city.


Doctor Maria del Carmen Ricardo, in charge of the experiment, highlighted the favorable assessment made by a recent inspection of the Center for State Control of Medicines and Medical Equipment (CECMED), which considered the adherence to protocols and good practices.

This evaluation is very encouraging considering the high demand in the follow-up of the process by this regulatory institution, the specialist noted.

She underscored that in its third phase, the trials are extended to the eastern cities of Bayamo and Guantanamo, with a universe of 48,000 people, who are added to 132 and 660 people from Santiago de Cuba who are involved in the first two phases, respectively, since early December.

In addition to the good results obtained in relation to biosafety and immunogenicity, at this stage the research points to the efficacy of the antigen created in the laboratories of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center (CIGB), the doctor pointed out.

She added that another good news about the CIGB66 trial, Abdala, is the minimal presence of adverse effects, almost all of them related to discomfort in the area of injection in the arm. (Prensa Latina)